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Our Story

Where It All Began

In the beginnings of Los Dos Hermanos back in 1982, Teresa the founder started working in a chain of restaurants called “Los Chiles” where she was the main cook and learned to prepare Mexican food. She was trained at that time by the Chef in turn who was from Bolivian origin, and his specialty was Mexican food and Latin flavors.

Also, Teresa worked in other Mexican restaurants where she developed a bigger passion for the taste of Mexican food. With the disintegration of Los Chiles, going out of business, Teresa saw the opportunity to make her dream come true, which was to have her own restaurant with her own style and flavors and decided to buy the restaurant where she started in the beginning.
Our Story

On the 1st of January 1998, she finally opened the doors of what is now known as “Los Dos Hermanos” with the help of all her children and other family members. They have given a complete success to the restaurant creating unique dishes with their own flavors.

Teresa with the combination of Mexican food and Latin flavors from other regions reinvented and created the flavor that only Los Dos Hermanos has.